Settings is installed into the Shiny container automatically. Settings are a fairly essential service of any framework. You can resolve this using dependency injection or using the Shiny.ShinyHost.Resolve. The interface to use is Shiny.Settings.ISettings

Interface: Shiny.Settings.ISettings

To use, simply call:

var int1 = settings.Get<int>("Key");
var int2 = settings.Get<int?>("Key");

settings.Set("Key", AnyObject); // your object is serialized under the hood
var obj = settings.Get<AnyObject>("Key");

Strongly Typed Binding (works with all platforms - no fancy reflection that breaks on iOS)

var myInpcObj = settings.Bind<MyInpcObject>(); // Your object must implement INotifyPropertyChanged
myInpcObj.SomeProperty = "Hi"; // everything is automatically synchronized to settings right here

//From your viewmodel

// make sure to unbind when your model is done